Refused - Band Members

Band Members

  • Dennis Lyxzén — lead vocals
  • David Sandström — drums, melodica
  • Kristofer Steen — guitars
  • Jon Brännström — guitars, samples, backing vocals
Former members
  • Pär Hansson — rhythm guitar
  • Henrik Jansson — rhythm guitar
  • Jonas Lidgren — bass
  • Magnus Höggren — bass
  • Ulf Nybérg — bass
Touring members
  • Magnus "Björklund" Flagge — bass, cello
Former bass players that assisted in producing albums
  • Jesper Sundberg
  • Anders Johansson
  • Jonas "Babyface" Eriksson
  • Håkan-Håkan Strandhag
  • Inge Johansson
  • Andreas Nilsson

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