Racers may refer to:

  • Lego Racers, a product range of the Lego construction toy
  • Akron Racers, a women's softball team
  • Elgin Racers, a franchise of the International Basketball League
  • Harringay Racers, a British ice hockey club
  • Harringay Racers (speedway), a motorcycle speedway team
  • Indianapolis Racers, a franchise in the former World Hockey Association
  • London Racers, a British ice hockey club
  • Murrayfield Racers, an ice hockey team
  • Murray State Racers, the athletics team of Murray State University
  • PixelJunk Racers, a video game
  • Reading Racers, an English motorcycle speedway team
  • Red Mountain Racers, a ski racing club
  • Tri-City Racers, a member of the American Basketball Association

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