Qualification may refer to:

  • A title or attribute gained in education, through examination or by certification. See:
    • Academic degree
    • High school diploma
    • List of admission tests to colleges and universities
    • Qualification types (UK)
    • Teaching qualification
    • National Qualifications Framework, a credit transfer system
    • National Vocational Qualification
    • Professional certification
    • Product certification (also called product qualification)
    • Genuine Occupational Qualification, a term in UK employment discrimination law
  • Pre-qualification, a process of initial approval for a loan
  • A process of deciding who gets into the (main) event of a sports tournament
  • A process of deciding the running order in many racing events such as Formula One and MotoGP races
  • In linguistics, the modification of a word or phrase by a qualifier
  • Qualification problem in non-monotonic logic
  • Qualification Principle in syntactic class logic
  • Qualification Law, a former British game preservation law restricting who could hunt game