Fighter or The Fighter may refer to:

  • Warrior, a person skilled in combat
  • Soldier, someone in the army
  • Senshi (戦士), a Japanese "soldier", "warrior", or "fighter".
  • Martial artist, someone skilled in codified practices and traditions of combat
  • Fighter aircraft, a warplane designed to destroy or damage enemy warplanes in air-to-air combat
  • Fighters, the name for Christina Aguilera's fanbase
  • The Fighter (1952 film), a 1952 dramatic film about boxing
  • Fighter (2000 film), a 2000 documentary about two holocaust survivors
  • Fighter (2007 film), an independent Danish film about a Turkish girl studying Kung-fu.
  • The Fighter, a 2010 sports drama starring Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale.
  • Fighter (2012 film), an upcoming Bengali film
  • Muay Thai Fighter, a 2007 Thai film
In gaming
  • Fighter (character class), a common archetypal character class in numerous role-playing games
    • Fighter (Dungeons & Dragons), a class in Dungeons & Dragons
    • Fighter (Dungeon Fighter Online)
  • Fighting game, a genre of videogames
  • Starfighter, the science-fiction equivalent of a fighter aircraft
  • "Fighter" (song), a song by Christina Aguilera
  • Fighter: The True Story of the Battle of Britain, a book by Len Deighton
  • Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters, a Japanese professional baseball team
  • "The Fighter" (song), a song by Gym Class Heroes that features Ryan Tedder

Famous quotes containing the word fighter:

    A pleasant smell of frying sausages
    Attacks the sense, along with an old, mostly invisible
    Photograph of what seems to be girls lounging around
    An old fighter bomber, circa 1942 vintage.
    John Ashbery (b. 1927)