Ov or OV may refer to:

  • In the Bible, one of two forms of prohibited witchcraft. See Ov and Yidoni
  • A suffix found in the surnames of Bulgarian and Russian men; see Names in Russian Empire, Soviet Union and CIS countries and Bulgarian names
  • Estonian Air, the national airline of Estonia (Airline code)
  • Ocean View, Virginia, a community in the city of Norfolk, Virginia
  • Old Vienna, a beer
  • Oost-Vlaanderen (East Flanders), a province in Flanders, Belgium
  • OpenView, a HP software product
  • Orange Volunteers, a loyalist paramilitary group in Northern Ireland
  • Orbiter Vehicle, a term for a NASA Space Shuttle
  • Orbiting Vehicle, a series of satellites operated by the US Air Force
  • Oro Valley, a town in Arizona, United States of America
  • Original Voice, the original voice of a motion picture
  • OVGuide, an online video guide
  • Overijssel, a province in the Netherlands
  • Openbaar Vervoer, the Dutch phrase for public transport
  • Nickname for NHL player Alex Ovechkin