Quadrangle may refer to :

  • Quadrangle (architecture), a courtyard surrounded by a building or several buildings.
  • The Quadrangle, a group of five museums in Springfield, Massachusetts, including the United States' first planetarium (1931,) and the Dr. Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden.
  • Quadrangle (Harvard), a part of the Harvard University undergraduate campus
  • Quadrilateral (geometry), a polygon with four sides
  • Complete quadrangle (projective geometry), a configuration with four points and six lines.
  • Quadrangle (geography), a United States Geological Survey 7.5-minute quadrangle map
  • Quadrangle (band) 1960s psychedelic garage band
  • Quadrangle Group investment fund in New York City
  • Quadrangle Club (disambiguation), various clubs
  • Quadrangle (horse), American thoroughbred, winner of the 1964 Belmont Stakes
  • The Quadrangle (Antarctica), a geographical area