Qian Liu - Personal Information

Personal Information

  • Father
    • Qian Kuan (錢寬) (835-895), posthumously honored King Yingxian
  • Mother
    • Lady Shuiqiu (died 901), posthumously honored Lady Dowager Taixuan of Zhao
  • Wife
    • Lady Wu (858-919), Lady Zhuangmu of Wuyue, mother of Qian Chuanying
  • Major Concubines
    • Lady Chen, posthumously created the Lady Dowager Zhaoyi of Jin, mother of Qian Yuanguan
    • Lady Hu, Lady Qing'an, mother of Qian Yuanji
    • Lady Li, mother of Qian Yuanyi
    • Lady Tong, Lady Ji'nan, mother of Qian Chuanqu
    • Lady Zheng
  • Children (38 sons, some of whom were not recorded in history)
    • Qian Yuanji (錢元璣) (died 933), né Qian Chuanji (錢傳璣), the Duke of Ning
    • Qian Chuanying (錢傳瑛) (died 913), né Qian Chuankai (錢傳鍇), posthumously created the Duke of Yun
    • Qian Yuanyi (錢元懿) (886-951), né Qian Chuanchou (錢傳儔), later Qian Chuanyi (錢傳懿), Prince Xuanhui of Jinhua
    • Qian Yuanliao (錢元璙) (887-942), né Qian Chuanliao (錢傳璙), posthumously created Prince Xuanyi of Guangling
    • Qian Yuanguan (錢元瓘) (887-941), né Qian Chuanguan (錢傳瓘), later king
    • Qian Chuanqu (錢傳(王瞿)) (888-907), Marquess of Yuyao
    • Qian Yuanqiu (錢元球), né Qian Chuanqiu (錢傳球), Marquess of Dapeng
    • Qian Yuanxu (錢元㺷), né Qian Chuanxu (錢傳㺷), Marquess of Fu'nan (executed by Qian Yuanguan 937)
    • Qian Yuanxiang (錢元珦), né Qian Chuanxiang (錢傳珦), Marquess of Huaiyin (exeucted by Qian Yuanguan 937)
    • Qian Chuansu (錢傳璛) (died 921?), Marquess of Xin'an
    • Qian Chuanjing (錢傳璟), Duke of Xia
    • Qian Yuanlin (錢元琳)
    • Qian Yuangui (錢元璝) (899-965), posthumously created the Prince of Ningming
    • Qian Yuanbi (錢元弼)
    • Qian Chuansui (錢傳璲), the Marquess of Yongjia
    • Qian Chuanji (錢傳㻑), the Marquess of Jinhua
    • Qian Chuanyan (錢傳琰), the Marquess of Qiantang
    • Qian Chuanzhen (錢傳珎)
    • Qian Yuanyou (錢元祐)
    • Qian Yuanlian (錢元璉)
    • Qian Yuankang (錢元(王亢))
    • Qian Yuanzhuo (錢元琢)
    • Qian Yuanpu (錢元璞)
    • Qian Yuandang (錢元璫)
    • Qian Yuanxun (錢元珣)
    • Qian Yuanyuan (錢元(王+(right side of 淵))
    • Qian Yuanchen (錢元琛)
    • Qian Yuanjin (錢元瑾)
    • Qian Yuanyu (錢元裕)
    • Qian Yuanfan (錢元璠)
    • Qian Yuanxu (錢元勗)
    • Qian Yuanxi (錢元禧)
    • Qian Yuanqi (錢元祁)?
    • Qian Yuangui (錢元珪)?

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