Proctor, a variant of the word procurator, is a person who takes charge of, or acts for, another. The word proctor is frequently used to describe someone who oversees an exam or dormitory.

The title is used in England in three principal senses:

  1. In law, a proctor is an attorney or solicitor acting in some courts.
  2. In the church, a proctor represents the clergy in Church of England dioceses.
  3. In education, a proctor is 1) the name of university officials in certain universities, or 2) a supervisor during an exam.

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Famous quotes containing the word proctor:

    Most writers steal a good thing when they can,
    And when ‘tis safely got ‘tis worth the winning.
    The worst of ‘t is we now and then detect ‘em,
    Before they ever dream that we suspect ‘em.
    —Bryan Waller Proctor (1787–1874)