Preservation may refer to:

  • Heritage preservation:
    • Historic preservation, of buildings, monuments, etc.
    • Preservation (library and archival science), of books, recordings, etc.
    • Digital preservation, of digitized and born-digital information
    • Conservation (ethic), of the natural environment
    • Conservation-restoration, of artworks
  • Preservative, chemical to hinder deterioration of food, wood, etc.
    • Food preservation
  • Self-preservation, part of an animal's fundamental instinct which demands that the organism survive
  • Case preservation, when computer storage preserves the distinction between upper and lower case
  • Preservation: Acts 1 & 2, albums by The Kinks
  • Preservation Hall, jazz venue in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Preservation Island Group, Tasmania, Australia:
    • Preservation Island
    • Preservation Islets
  • Assurance (theology), an aspect of Salvation
  • Preservation (magazine), published by the National Trust for Historic Preservation

In safety and technology:

  • Dust resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Rot-proof
  • Rustproof
  • Thermal resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Waterproof

Famous quotes containing the word preservation:

    The preservation of health is a duty. Few seem conscious that there is such a thing as physical morality.
    Herbert Spencer (1820–1903)

    I do seriously believe that if we can measure among the States the benefits resulting from the preservation of the Union, the rebellious States have the larger share. It destroyed an institution that was their destruction. It opened the way for a commercial life that, if they will only embrace it and face the light, means to them a development that shall rival the best attainments of the greatest of our States.
    Benjamin Harrison (1833–1901)

    Is not our role to stand for the one thing which means our own salvation here but with which it will also be possible to save the world, and with which Europe will be able to save itself, namely the preservation of the white man and his state?
    Hendrik Verwoerd (1901–1966)