PPU can refer to:

  • Peoples Potential Unlimited - record label based in Washington DC, specializing in unreleased and obscure 80s disco and funk.
  • Palestine Polytechnic University - Hebron, West Bank
  • Peoria and Pekin Union Railway - a railroad
  • Physics processing unit - a dedicated physics microprocessor
  • Picture Processing Unit - a dedicated graphics microprocessor used in the Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Pirate Party of Ukraine - a Ukrainian political party
  • Power Processor Unit in the Sony-IBM-Toshiba Cell microprocessor
  • The Peace Pledge Union - a British anti-war organisation
  • The Plastic People of the Universe - a rock band from Prague
  • Point Park University - a university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Power processing unit - a spacecraft component responsible for regulating electrical power
  • Peripheral Processor Units, or PPUs, were full computers in their own right, but were tuned to performing I/O tasks and running the operating system on the CDC 6000 series
  • Prvi Partizan - a Serbian ammunition producer often referred to as PPU for "Prvi partizan Užice"
  • Public Protection Unit - a branch of the British Specialist Investigation Department monitoring released sex offenders
  • Pending Pick-Up - indicates an item being sold is awaiting the customer's retrieval