Pipe may refer to:

  • Pipe (fluid conveyance), a hollow cylinder following certain dimension rules
  • Smoking pipe
  • Pipe (unit) or butt, a cask measurement
  • Pipe (casting), a type of metal casting defect
  • PIPES, a common buffer used in chemistry and biology laboratory work
  • PIPE deal or private investment in public equity
  • Boatswain's pipe, an official announcement made on a ship's internal broadcast system

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Famous quotes containing the word pipe:

    When you can pipe that merry old strain,
    Robert of Lincoln, come back again.
    William Cullen Bryant (1794–1878)

    All I’m telling you is that that little creature in there has as much right to live as you do. Don’t forget, you invaded his world. You sank a pipe six miles into the ground and when he climbed up you set dogs on him, shot him.
    Richard Fielding, and Lee Sholem. Superman (George Reeves)

    If you would get money as a writer or lecturer, you must be popular, which is to go down perpendicularly.... You are paid for being something less than a man. The state does not commonly reward a genius any more wisely. Even the poet laureate would rather not have to celebrate the accidents of royalty. He must be bribed with a pipe of wine; and perhaps another poet is called away from his muse to gauge that very pipe.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)