Pine Ridge

Pine Ridge may refer to:

  • Pine Ridge (region), of northwestern Nebraska and southwestern South Dakota
  • Pine Ridge Indian Reservation of southwestern South Dakota
  • Pine Ridge Campaign of the United States Army
  • Pine Ridge, Alabama
  • Pine Ridge, former name of Pineridge, California
  • Pine Ridge, Citrus County, Florida
  • Pine Ridge, Collier County, Florida
  • Pine Ridge, Kentucky
  • Pine Ridge, Mississippi
  • Pine Ridge, Nebraska, the U.S. Census Bureau's name for the community more commonly called Whiteclay
  • Pine Ridge, Surry County, North Carolina
  • Pine Ridge, Oklahoma
  • Pine Ridge, South Carolina
  • Pine Ridge, South Dakota
  • Pine Ridge at Crestwood, New Jersey
  • Pine Island Ridge, Florida
  • Pine Ridge Secondary School, in Pickering, Ontario, Canada
  • Pine Ridge (Lum and Abner), the fictional Arkansas location of the Lum and Abner radio and film series
  • Pine Ridge Ski Club, in Barrie, Ontario

Famous quotes containing the words pine and/or ridge:

    In the atom’s fizz and pop we heard possibility
    uncorked. Taffeta wraps whispered on davenports.
    A new planet bloomed above us; in its light
    the stumps of cut pine gleamed like dinner plates.
    The world was beginning all over again, fresh and hot;
    we could have anything we wanted.
    Lynn Emanuel (b. 1949)

    The self-consciousness of Pine Ridge manifests itself at the village’s edge in such signs as “Drive Keerful,” “Don’t Hit Our Young ‘uns,” and “You-all Hurry Back”Mlocutions which nearly all Arkansas hill people use daily but would never dream of putting in print.
    —Administration in the State of Arka, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)