Pack may refer to:

  • Backpack
  • Pack (canine), family structure of wild animals of the biological family Canidae
  • Pack hunter, other animals that hunt in a group
  • Cub scouts group, or a group or gang in a larger sense, as in Leader of the Pack.
  • Playing cards pack
  • Cigarette pack
  • Expansion pack, a video game needing another one to be played
  • Pack, a file compressor originating from Unix
  • Pack (aircraft), P.A.C.K (Pneumatic Air Cycle Kit), a kit containing an air cycle machine that provides air conditioning as part of an aircraft's environmental control system
  • Peloton
  • Moving company, an organization that loads goods into containers and then transports them
  • Tourism
  • Pack, Austria, a municipality in Styria, Austria

Pack as a surname may refer to:

  • George Pack (1800-1875), businessman, timberman
  • Charles Lathrop Pack (1857-1937), businessman, philanthropist, philatelist

PACK may refer to:

  • Chefornak Airport (ICAO: PACK), an airport in Chefornak, Alaska

Famous quotes containing the word pack:

    A man was to live in that egg-shell day and night, a mile from the shore.... Think of making your bed thus in the crest of a breaker! To have the waves, like a pack of hungry wolves, eying you always, night and day, and from time to time making a spring at you, almost sure to have you at last.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    What’s the use of worrying?
    It never was worth while,
    So, pack up your troubles in your old kit-bag,
    And smile, smile, smile.
    George Asaf (1880–1951)

    ... [Washington] is always an entertaining spectacle. Look at it now. The present President has the name of Roosevelt, marked facial resemblance to Wilson, and no perceptible aversion, to say the least, to many of the policies of Bryan. The New Deal, which at times seems more like a pack of cards thrown helter skelter, some face up, some face down, and then snatched in a free-for-all by the players, than it does like a regular deal, is going on before our interested, if puzzled eyes.
    Alice Roosevelt Longworth (1884–1980)