Orb may refer to:

  • Orb (astrology), the difference between the exactness of an astrological aspect
  • Orb (optics), an unexpected, often circular photographic artifact
  • Orb (software) is a free streaming software for the personal laptop
  • Celestial orb, a central concept in ancient and early-modern astronomy
  • The trademarked symbol printed on genuine Harris Tweed
  • Orb Kaftan, a character from the Incarnations of Immortality novel series by Piers Anthony
  • Orbing, a magical form of teleportation in the television show Charmed
  • Orb (comics), a Marvel Comics villain
  • The Orb, a British electronic music group
  • Globus cruciger, a hand-sized sphere over which the Christian cross is set
    • Sovereign's Orb, one of the best known Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom
  • Castlewood Orb Drive, a 3.5-inch removable hard disk drive
  • Orb (river), empties into the Golfe du Lion in southern France
  • Bad Orb, a town in Hessen state, Germany
  • Orbs (band), a rock band featuring members of Between the Buried and Me and Fear Before
  • Orb Publications, an Australian publishing company
    • Orb Speculative Fiction, also known simply as Orb, an Australian speculative fiction magazine
  • Orb web, a type of spider web

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Famous quotes containing the word orb:

    Thus the orb he roamed
    With narrow search, and with inspection deep
    Considered every creature, which of all
    Most opportune might serve his wiles, and found
    The serpent subtlest beast of all the field.
    John Milton (1608–1674)