OL may refer to:

  • Olympic Games, an international sport event
  • Office lady, a low-tier female office worker in Japan
  • Old Lawrentians, alumni of St. Lawrence College, Ramsgate, England
  • Olympique Lyonnais, a prominent French football club
  • OpenLuna
  • Optics Letters, a journal published by the Optical Society of America
  • Orphaned Land, an Israeli progressive metal band
  • Offensive Lineman, a player who plays on the offensive line of scrimmage in American football
  • a Unified Soil Classification System symbol for organic silt and/or clay
  • Ostfriesische Lufttransport (IATA code: OL), a scheduled and charter airline based in Emden in Germany
  • Ol Chiki script
  • the standard abbreviation for Oulu railway station, Finland
  • OL!, a non-political youth organization in Azerbaijan
  • -ol, the suffix of chemical compounds that are alcohols
  • ol, an HTML element for creating ordered lists
  • Old Lace (comics) a telepathically linked dinosaur hero