The term offset may refer to:

  • Carbon offset, a financial instrument aimed at a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Offset agreement, trade practice in Aerospace and Defense Industry
  • Offset (computer science), a number indicating the distance (displacement) from the start of a data structure object and up to a given element
  • DC offset, the mean amplitude of a (typically electronic) waveform
  • Offset (gears), the perpendicular distance between the axes of hypoid gears or offset face gears
  • Offset (wheel), an important dimension of a vehicle wheel
  • Offset dish antenna, a type of satellite dish
  • Offset loan (finance), a type of flexible lending arrangement
  • Offset printing, a printing technique where the inked image is transferred from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface
  • Offset Software, a game development company
  • Project Offset, the working title for a first-person shooter video game by Offset Software
  • Offsets, layers of plants in the plant nursery business
  • Offset (film), a 2006 film with Răzvan Vasilescu and Alexandra Maria Lara
  • Frequency offset, the difference between the frequency of a source and a reference frequency

See also:

  • Displacement (vector), specifies the position of a point or a particle in reference to an origin or to a previous position
  • Offset (geometry), the shape driven out from an original shape in equal distance and direction, normally or perpendicularly to the original shape
  • Control offset the allowance set in a control system between the optimal desired figure and the actual figure tolerated