No Strings Attached ('N Sync Album)

No Strings Attached ('N Sync Album)

No Strings Attached is the second studio album by American boy band 'N Sync, released by Jive Records on March 21, 2000. The album title is a play on the idea of independence from corporate control, with reference to the band's new-found freedom from their former management, Trans Continental. Before the release of No Strings Attached, the band split from their management and signed to Jive Records. Since its release, the album has been considered the group's landmark achievement.

With Jive, the band was introduced to a few producers who would contribute tracks for the album; but despite the split, they still collaborated with those present during their time with Trans Continental. For the album, 'N Sync wanted to distinguish their music from their label mates', with whom they shared essentially the same team of producers from Sweden. The ensuing album explores the dimensions of contemporary R&B within the pop music. Bringin' Da Noise was featured in the Disney Channel Original Movie The Other Me in which the main character(portrayed by Andrew Lawrence) starts dancing in the cafeteria.

The legal battle caused the release of No Strings Attached to be delayed several times. The hype that the album's lead single, "Bye Bye Bye", created and the shifting dates served in increasing the anticipation for the album to landmark commercial success. No Strings Attached is the fastest album to sell in the United States in a week: By selling more than two million copies in its debut week, the album set a one-week sales record in the United States that is still held by the band today.

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