No Strings Attached ('N Sync Album) - Release and Promotion

Release and Promotion

Country Release Date
United States March 21, 2000
Europe March 20, 2000
Germany March 26, 2000
Australia April 10, 2000
United Kingdom
May 9, 2000
United Kingdom
(Special UK Edition)
October 9, 2000
Asia (reissue) February 13, 2001

Originally, No Strings Attached was due for release in the fall 1999. But because of the ongoing legal battle between the band and its management, it was delayed several times. Towards the end of 1999, it was reported that a settlement had been reached, putting aside the lawsuit that their management had filed. The settlement allowed the band to freely release the album under its current band name, with a March 7 initial schedule. "Bye Bye Bye" was solicited to radio stations on January 17, the same night the group would debut the song at the American Music Awards.

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