No Strings Attached ('N Sync Album) - Impact


By status, 'N Sync was considered as a Backstreet Boys wannabe. With the success that the band attained with No Strings Attached, that notion was obliterated, even calling them as serious rival with their label mate. Late into the year No Strings Attached was released, the Backstreet Boys issued its follow-up to Millenium, Black & Blue, their third studio album in the United States. It sold 1.6 million in its debut week in the U.S., beating Millenium. Despite setting a world record by selling 5 million copies worldwide in its debut week, it was still outnumbered by No Strings Attached domestically.

According to Richard Skanse of Rolling Stone, the album gave the group its landmark achievement. For Janet Kleinbaum, Jive's then-Vice President of Artist Marketing, the "yardstick is definitely extended", referring to the record by which future releases of Jive would have to be compared with. After No Strings Attached, Jive's other popular artists at the time such as Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys were each releasing an album. Kleinbaum thought, "We know now what the possibilities are. We're not going to compare a Britney Spears record to 'N Sync, or Backstreet Boys. However, 'N Sync has shown us what can be done."

Referring to the first day sale of the album with 1.1 million units, Josh Wolk of Entertainment Weekly said that it was "perhaps the greatest mass spending of allowances in history". Craig Seymour of the same publication said, "What has the industry buzzing is not only that 2.4 million fans rushed to the stores, but that teen-pop behemoth Jive Records was in a unique and almost unprecedented position to meet the stores' demand." This demand on physical copies of the album was met by Jive by shelving up millions of units leading to the album's release date. The label was able to ship 4.2 million copies for the album's March 21 official release date, then couriered another 2.3 million in reorders on March 22. Retailer Grandoni said, "If they hadn't been ready for it, stores would have sold out after a couple days which would have limited their first-week sales."

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