Nike may refer to:

  • Nike (mythology), Greek goddess who personifies victory
    • The Nike of Samothrace, an ancient statue of the goddess Nike
  • Nike, Inc., major U.S. manufacturer of athletic shoes, apparel, and sports equipment
  • Project Nike, US Army missile project
    • MIM-14 Nike-Hercules, solid fuel propelled surface-to-air missile
    • Various U.S. sounding rockets named after the upper stage used, including:
      • Nike Apache
      • Nike-Cajun
      • Nike Hawk
      • Nike Iroquois
      • Nike Nike
  • 307 Nike, sizeable asteroid in the main belt
  • Nike Award, Polish language literature prize
  • Nike (name), surname and feminine given name
  • Nike, a fictional character in The Underland Chronicles children's books by Suzanne Collins