Niemeyer - Niemeyer


  • Felix von Niemeyer (1820–1871), German physician
  • Frédéric Niemeyer (born 1976), Canadian tennis player
  • Jo Niemeyer (born 1946), German artist and designer
  • Oscar Niemeyer (born 1907), Brazilian architect
  • Otto Niemeyer (1883–1971), English financial official and creator of the "Niemeyer statement"
  • Paul Niemeyer (doctor) (1832–1890), German physician
  • Paul V. Niemeyer (born 1941), American federal appellate judge
  • Peter Niemeyer (born 1983), German football player
  • Niemeyer-Dolan technique, in lithography
  • Theodorus Niemeyer (1910–2008), Dutch entrepreneur, last director of Royal Theodorus Niemeyer, an ancient family-owned Coffee, Tea, and Tobacco Company established in Groningen, Netherlands, 1819
  • Andre Niemeyer (born 1969), Brazilian artist and designer

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