Muta, as a name, might refer to:

  • MUTA, an acronym for the Mechanics' Union of Trade Associations
  • MUTA, the abbreviation for the Mutual Union of Tiv in America: a non-profit organization of Nigerians from the tribe of Tiv
  • Muta (deity), the personification of silence in Roman mythology
  • Muta, Muta, a settlement in the Municipality of Muta in northern Slovenia
  • Muta, is the short-name of the unit type Mutalisk from the award winning real time strategy game Starcraft.
  • Great Muta, an intimidating and silent persona of Japanese professional wrestler Keiji Mutoh
  • Mut'ah, A time-fixed Marriage in Islam, practised by Shi'as
  • Nikah Mut'ah, A type of Nikah in Islam
  • Mut'ah of Hajj, relaxation between the lesser and greater Hajj
  • Battle of Mut'ah, a battle in early Muslim history
  • Muta, a character in The Cat Returns
  • Muta, a 1930s slang term for marijuana
  • Muta, a Filipino and Tagalog word meaning Rheum
  • MUTA is also an abbreviation in the United States Army Reserve for a "Multiple Unit Training Assembly" (multiple refers not to multiple units but the multiple pay periods (usually four) for which reserve component soldiers receive credit for attending Battle Assembly)
  • MUTA is an abbreviation for Murray Bridge Training Area in South Australia, used by the Australian Army