Macro (the prefix in the word "macroscopic", meaning large) may refer to:

  • Macro (computer science), a set of instructions that is represented in an abbreviated format
  • Macro instruction, a statement, typically for an assembler, that invokes a macro definition to generate a sequence of instructions or other outputs.
  • Macro photography, a type of close-up photography
  • Macro Recordings, a German electronic music label
  • Image macro, a picture with text superimposed
  • Macroscopic, subjects visible to the eye
  • Macro practice or community practice, a type of social work
  • Macromanagement, or managing managers
  • Macroeconomics, economics at the national level
  • Macrosociology, sociology at the national level
  • Macrophilia, a fascination with or a sexual fantasy involving giants.
  • Macrobiotics, a diet and lifestyle based on eating natural, organic food
  • Macronutrients, classes of chemical compounds humans consume in the largest quantities (i.e., proteins, fats, and carbohydrates).

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