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  • Agneta Lundberg (born 1947), Swedish Social Democratic politician
  • Alfred Lundberg (1852–1935), Swedish silent film actor
  • Amadeus Lundberg (born 1989), Finnish singer
  • Athena Lundberg (born 1986), American model
  • Brian Lundberg (born 1960), former National Hockey League player
  • Britt Lundberg (born 1963), Finnish politician in the Åland Islands
  • Ebbot Lundberg, lead singer of the Swedish rock band The Soundtrack of Our Lives
  • Emil Lundberg (born 1982), professional Swedish ice hockey Centre
  • Erik Lundberg (1907–1987), Swedish economist
  • Evelyn Lundberg Stratton (born 1953), American jurist
  • Ferdinand Lundberg (1905–1995), American economist and journalist
  • Filip Lundberg (1876–1965), Swedish actuary, founder of mathematical risk theory and managing director of several insurance companies
  • Fred Børre Lundberg (born 1969), former Nordic combined skier
  • Fredrik Lundberg (born 1952), Swedish businessman who runs publicly traded L E Lundbergföretagen AB
  • George A. Lundberg, (1895–1966) American sociologist, anti-racist, positivist and humanitarian
  • George D. Lundberg, American physician, board-certified pathologist and editor of Medscape
  • George G. Lundberg (1892–1981), American pilot in the United States Air Force
  • Godfrey Lundberg (1879–1933), American engraver in Spokane and Seattle
  • Gust E. Lundberg (1920–1977), American businessman, founder of the Sandy's fast-food restaurant chain
  • Gustaf Lundberg (1695–1786), Swedish rococo pastelist and portrait painter
  • Henrik Lundberg (born 1991), Swedish professional ice hockey player
  • Jennifer Palm Lundberg (born 1986), Miss World Sweden 2008
  • John Lundberg (born 1968), English artist and documentary filmmaker
  • Johnny Lundberg (born 1982), Swedish professional football defender
  • Jon Lundberg (born 1961), American politician
  • Kevin Lundberg, Republican member of the Colorado State Senate
  • Knud Lundberg (1920–2002), Danish sportsperson
  • Kristina Lundberg (born 1985), Swedish ice hockey player
  • Lisa Lundberg, Swedish sprint canoeist who competed in the early 1950s
  • Mark Lundberg (1958–2008), American opera singer
  • Martin Lundberg (born 1990), Swedish professional ice hockey player
  • Mikael Lundberg (born 1973), Swedish golfer
  • Murray Lundberg (born 1950), Canadian photographer, historian, tour guide, and writer
  • Odd Lundberg (1917–1983), Norwegian speed skater
  • Ragnar Lundberg (born 1924), Swedish athlete who competed mainly in the pole vault
  • Sigfrid Lundberg (1895–1979), Swedish road racing cyclist
  • Stefan Lundberg (born 1989), American soccer player
  • Stina Lundberg Dabrowski, (born 1950), Swedish journalist, TV host, producer, writer and professor of TV production
  • Ulla-Lena Lundberg (born 1947), Finland-Swedish author living in Porvoo, Finland
  • Victor Lundberg (1923–1990), American radio personality
  • Viktor Lundberg (born 1991), Swedish footballer

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