List of Transgender People

This list consists of well-known people who are transgender in identity or behavior. The individual listings note the subject's nationality and main occupation.

In most non-Western and ancient or medieval societies, transgender people are seen as a different gender in itself, and there is a separate category for them, that is different from both 'men' and 'women'. They are often described collectively as 'third genders.' There is no concept of 'homosexuality,' 'heterosexuality' or 'sexual orientation' in these societies, and gender orientation is the sole criterion for determining identities of individuals. These societies traditionally have separate social spaces for third gendered people, which is separate from both men's social spaces and women's social spaces.

Some of the persons listed here crossdressed during wartime for various purposes.

It should also be noted that transgender people are by definition not "transvestites" or "drag performers" because the latter do not live or identify their gender as being opposite of their sex assigned at birth consistently in their daily lives.


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