Lesage or LeSage may refer to:

  • Maison Lesage (aka Lesage et Cie.), a couture embroidery atelier, headed firstly by Albert Lesage and secondly by his son, François Lesage.
  • Merle LeSage (1936–2005), mayor of Geneseo, IL
  • Jean Lesage (1912–1980), Canadian lawyer and politician
  • Alain-René Lesage (1668–1747), French novelist and playwright
  • Jean-Michel Lesage (born 1977), French soccer player
  • Joe LeSage (born 1928), attorney in Shreveport, former Louisiana state senator, and 1948 Louisiana State University quarterback
  • Patrick LeSage, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Ontario
  • Odile Lesage (born 1969), retired French heptathlete
  • Lesage, soubriquet of Adam Cœuret or de Coueret, alias Dubuisson, a leading figure in the Affair of the Poisons


  • Jean-Lesage, provincial electoral district in Quebec, Canada
  • Québec/Jean Lesage International Airport
  • Lesage, West Virginia


  • Lesage, a Canadian piano maker

See also: Le Sage