Lakshmana (Sanskrit: लक्ष्मण, IAST Lakṣmaṇa; Burmese: လက္ခဏ, ; Chinese: Loman; Indonesian and Javanese: Leksmana, Lesmana, Lesmono; Khmer:; Lao:; Malay: Laksamana; Maranaw: Mangawarna; Tamil: லக்ஷ்மணன் ; Thai: พระลักษมณ์) was the brother and close companion of Rama, and himself a hero in the famous epic Ramayana. Within a number of Hindu traditions Lakshmana is considered to be an avatar, in a secondary form to Rama's main appearance. In some Hindu traditions he is worshiped as an avatar of Shesha. The name may also be written as Lakshman or Laxman.

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