Lahnstein Family - Critical Response

Critical Response

Over the years, the Lahnstein family has become the "soapiest soap family", thanks to unexpected twists such as Johannes' never ending affairs from the past and juicy schemes in their own family, like poising, attempted murder and blackmail. Overall the Lahnstein family has remained very popular with fans, thanks to viewer's favourites Claudia Hiersche (Carla), Wolfram Grandezka (Ansgar) and Verena Zimmermann (Nico) and the involvement with other popular actors like Miriam Lahnstein (Tanja) and Yvonne Burbach (C├ęcile). In 2009, even though the character Maria di Balbi was a success, fans felt that former patriarch Johannes, who supposedly died in 2008 in a plane crash, was made out to be a hypocrite and liar, who seemed to treat Maria like dirt. It didn't seem to fit in with the character the audience had watched for years. With the change in the family and the focus pushed onto Ludwig's children, the audience didn't respond well by saying that Helena, Rebecca, Sebastian and Tristan just weren't characters you cared about. Only new family patriarch Ludwig, who became center of a love triangle with Johannes' former wive Elisabeth and Maria seemed to be interesting.

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