Lahnstein Family

Lahnstein Family

The Lahnstein family is a very wealthy and aristocratic prestigious fictional family on the German soap opera Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love). The Lahnsteins have been a staple on Verbotene Liebe since their introduction in September 2003.

The Lahnsteins are a family of tradition and appear with high morals to which they don't see to hold up to. They are known for their conversations on the dinner table. It became a choice by the producers over the years that the "evil characters" would sit on the right side of the table, while the "good characters" sit on the left side with the patriarch of the family on the head.

Over the years, the Lahnsteins also became known for their celebrations and events. Several weddings took place at their residence, Königsbrunn Castle. There were also festivities like a masquerade ball or an oldtimer race. All events are known for going not as planned. A hostage crisis, shocking paternity reveal, attempted murder or the reveal of affairs took place at those events. But they are also known for the beginning of great love stories.

It has become known that members of the Lahnstein family have had affairs with their servants. These affairs may have ended in producing illegitimate children or even marriage. This fact also caused the family to gain a reputation of hypocrisy and caused them to be known as a dysfunctional clan.

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