Knox County

There are nine counties named Knox County in the United States,
All named for Brig. General Henry Knox who would later serve as the first Secretary of War:

  • Knox County, Illinois
  • Knox County, Indiana (including Vincennes, one of the oldest cities west of the Appalacian Mountains)
  • Knox County, Kentucky
  • Knox County, Maine
  • Knox County, Missouri
  • Knox County, Nebraska
  • Knox County, Ohio
  • Knox County, Tennessee (including Knoxville)
  • Knox County, Texas

Famous quotes containing the words knox and/or county:

    Death is an incident producing clay. Use it, mold it, learn from it.
    John Gilling, British screenwriter. Dr. Knox (Peter Cushing)

    In the County Tyrone, in the town of Dungannon,
    —Unknown. The Old Orange Flute (l. 1)