Kling can refer to:

People with the surname Kling:

  • Anja Kling (born 1970), German actress
  • Florence Kling, maiden name of Florence Harding (1860-1924), wife of US President Warren G. Harding
  • Heinrich Kling (1913-1951), German World War II Waffen SS officer
  • Johan Kling (born 1962), Swedish film director, screenwriter and novelist
  • Johnny Kling (1875-1947), American Major League Baseball catcher
  • Josef Kling (1811-1876), German chess master
  • Karl Kling (1910-2003), German motor racing driver and manager
  • Måns Nilsson Kling, a governor of the 17th century colony of New Sweden
  • Marc-Uwe Kling (born 1982), German cabaret artist, author and songwriter
  • Ricky Kling (born 1987), Swedish motorcycle speedway rider
  • Stephan Kling (born 1981), German footballer
  • Thomas Kling (1957-2005), German poet
  • Wilhelm Kling (1902-1973), Communist Party of Germany and Socialist Unity Party functionary
  • William Hugh Kling (born 1942), American businessman who created Minnesota Public Radio
  • Woody Kling (1925-1998), American television writer and producer
  • Robert Kling, alias used by Timothy McVeigh (1968-2001), American domestic terrorist

Other uses:

  • Kling or Keling, a term for Malaysians or Singaporeans of Indian descent
  • Upper Cross Street, Singapore, also known as Kling Street due to Indian traders living in the area
  • Mount Kling, South Georgia, Atlantic Ocean