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Tribute songs include "Cool As Kim Deal" by The Dandy Warhols on 1997's ...The Dandy Warhols Come Down, and "Kim Deal" by Japanese rock group The Pillows on 1999's Happy Bivouac. Boston band Francine released a tribute song, "Pop Warner", on their 2000 album Forty on a Fall Day. French indie rocker Julie Peel covered Deal's "Divine Hammer" for a split single released by indie label American Laundromat Records in December 2006. The label also released an entire Kim Deal Tribute in April 2008.

Jim DeRogatis' book Staring At Sound states that The Flaming Lips song "Kim's Watermelon Gun" is a "song that paints an impressionistic portrait of Kim Deal", whom band member Steven Drozd befriended when they met at Lollapalooza.

She also contributed to Ultra Vivid Scene's "Special One" single (1990). In the video for that song she cheerfully knocks Ultra Vivid Scene's singer Kurt Ralske off a bar stool (near the end of the video, she slaps his face). She also appeared in the BBC's Seven Ages of Rock documentary series and talked about the style of The Pixies' music, and its influence on other musicians.

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