Francis may refer to:

  • Francis (given name)
  • Francis (surname)
  • Francis, Saskatchewan, Canada
    • Francis (electoral district)
  • Francis Township, Holt County, Nebraska
  • Francis, Utah
  • Francis the Talking Mule, a mule celebrity, featured in seven movie comedies in the 1950s
  • Francis (1950 film), a 1950 comedy film that launched Francis the Talking Mule
  • Francis, a 1983 play by Julian Mitchell
  • FRANCIS, bibliographic database
  • Francis (1793), a colonial schooner in Australian waters 1793–1805

Famous quotes containing the word francis:

    Then came the Lord Chamberlain with his white staff,
    And all the people began to laugh;
    And then the Queen began to speak,
    ‘You’re welcome home, Sir Francis Drake.’
    —Unknown. Upon Sir Francis Drake’s Return from His Voyage about the World, and the Queen’s Meeting Him (l. 5–8)