Judicial Activism - Examples


The following have been cited as examples of judicial activism:

  • Brown v. Board of Education – 1954 Supreme Court ruling ordering the desegregation of public schools.
  • Roe v. Wade – 1973 Supreme Court ruling decriminalizing abortion.
  • Bush v. Gore – The United States Supreme Court case between the major-party candidates in the 2000 presidential election, George W. Bush and Al Gore. The judges voted 5-4 to halt the recount of ballots in Florida and, as a result, George Bush was elected President.
  • Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission – 2010 Supreme Court decision declaring Congressionally enacted limitations on corporate political spending and transparency as unconstitutional restrictions on free speech.
  • Perry v. Schwarzenegger – 2010 decision by federal judge Vaughn R. Walker overturning California's constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.
  • Contempt of Court and disqualification of Pakistani Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani by the Supreme Court of Pakistan chief justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry

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