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Famous People

  • Juan Almeida Bosque, hero of the Cuban revolution
  • Juan Andrés y Morell, Spanish littérateur and historian
  • Juan Antonio Samaranch, President Olympic Committee
  • Juan Nekai Babauta, former governor of the Northern Mariana Islands
  • Juan Bosch, first 'cleanly' elected president of Dominican Republic
  • Juan Carlos I of Spain, the reigning King of Spain
  • Juan Carlos Onetti, Uruguayan author
  • Juan de la Cierva, Spanish civil engineer and pilot, inventor of the autogyro
  • St. Juan Diego, Messenger of Blessed Virgin Mary.
  • Juan Dominguez y Valdez, Texan military
  • Juan Domingo Perón, Argentine general and politician, elected three times as President of Argentina
  • Juan Ponce Enrile, current President of the Philippine Senate since 2008
  • Juan Gabriel, Mexican singer and songwriter born as Alberto Aguilera Valadez
  • Juan Gris, Spanish painter
  • Juan Ignacio Cirac Sasturain, Spanish physicist
  • Juan Jesus, Brazilian footballer
  • Juan Leal, First Mayor of San Antonio, Texas
  • Juan Antonio Llorente, 18th century historian
  • Juan Luis Vives, Spanish scholar and humanist
  • Juan Luis Arsuaga, Spanish paleontologist
  • Juan Ramón Jiménez, Spanish poet who received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1956
  • Juan Rulfo (1917–1986), Mexican author
  • Juan Manuel, Prince of Villena, Spanish medieval writer
  • Juan Martín del Potro, Argentine tennis player, 2012 Olympic Bronze medallist
  • Juan Manuel Blanes, Uruguayan painter
  • Juan Manuel Fangio, Argentine racing driver
  • Juan Manuel Santos, Colombian President-Elect
  • Juan Mata, Spanish footballer who plays for English club Chelsea F.C.
  • Juan Miro, Catalan painter
  • Juan Pierre, Chicago White Sox starting Left fielder and leadoff hitter
  • Juan Ponce de León, Spanish explorer associated with the Fountain of Youth legend and also led the first European expedition to Florida
  • Juan Roman Riquelme, Argentine footballer
  • Juan Sebastián Elcano, Spanish explorer who completed the first circumnavigation of the world
  • Juan Sebastián Verón Argentine footballer
  • Juan Silveira dos Santos, Brazilian footballer, commonly known as Juan
  • Juan Trippe the founder of Pan American World Airways
  • Gov. Juan Valdez, colonial governor of Texas.
  • Juan de Yepes Álvarez, Spanish poet and Catholic Saint (Saint John of the Cross)

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    Marrying any man is risky. Marrying a famous man is kissing catastrophe.
    John Colton (1886–1946)

    The people who were honored in the Bible were the false prophets. It was the ones we call the prophets who were jailed and driven into the desert, and so on.
    Noam Chomsky (b. 1928)