Juan is a given name, the Spanish language version of John. It is very common in Spain (its origin) and in Spanish-speaking communities around the world. The feminine form is Juana, or Juanita on its diminutive.

Juan (; 娟, 隽) is also a common feminine given name for Chinese, although Chinese given names are not fixed. "卷", which is homophonic with the female name, is a division of a traditional Chinese manuscript or book and can be translated as "fascicle", "scroll", "chapter" or "volume". Typically, this is pronounced, as the Spanish name sometimes is in British locales, as two syllables instead of the one and with a voiced instead of an aspirated J.

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Famous quotes containing the word juan:

    Is that the Craig Jurgesen that Teddy Roosevelt gave you?... And you used it at San Juan Hill defending liberty. Now you want to destroy it.
    Laurence Stallings (1894–1968)