Jarman is the surname of the following people:

  • Alan Jarman, Australian politician
  • Andrew Jarman, Australian rules footballer
  • Barry Jarman, Australian cricketer and Australian rules footballer
  • Billy Jarman, English rugby league footballer
  • Claude Jarman Jr., American child film actor
  • Darren Jarman, Australian footballer
  • Derek Jarman, English film director, stage designer, artist and writer
  • Eleanor Jarman, American fugitive
  • Gary Jarman, bassist with British indie rock band The Cribs
  • Harry Jarman, Welsh international rugby union player
  • John Jarman, American politician
  • Joseph Jarman, American musician
  • Julia Jarman, British author
  • Kate Jarman, Welsh actor
  • Lee Jarman, Welsh footballer
  • Mark Jarman, American poet and critic
  • Mark Anthony Jarman, Canadian fiction writer
  • Nathan Jarman, English footballer
  • Pauline Jarman, Welsh politician
  • Richard Jarman, English and Tasmanian artist and engraver
  • Robert Jarman, Tasmanian theatre director and writer
  • Rosemary Hawley Jarman, English novelist and writer of short stories
  • Ross Jarman, drummer with British indie rock band The Cribs
  • Ryan Jarman, guitarist with British indie rock band The Cribs
  • Tony Jarman, gospel singer

Famous quotes containing the word jarman:

    The queers of the sixties, like those since, have connived with their repression under a veneer of respectability. Good mannered city queens in suits and pinstripes, so busy establishing themselves, were useless at changing anything.
    —Derek Jarman (b. 1942)