Jack - Other Uses

Other Uses

  • Jack, Alabama, an unincorporated community in Coffee County, Alabama
  • Jack, an archaic unit of volume equal to two fluid ounces
  • Jack (given name), a male given name (including a list of people and fictional characters with the name)
  • Jack (webcomic), an anthropomorphic webcomic
  • Monterey Jack, a variety of cheese
  • Jack in the Green, a traditional figure in British May Day celebrations
  • Jack Daniel's, a brand of whiskey
  • Jack FM, a radio format and brand
  • Jack of plate, a type of armour
  • Jack (mascot), the mascot of Jack in the Box restaurants
  • Oxide jacking, rust bursting
  • 'Jack', the Allied codename of the Japanese Mitsubishi J2M fighter of World War II
  • Jack TV, a cable network in the Philippines

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