Interstate 17 - History


In 1936, SR 69 was established as a state route from Phoenix north to Prescott. The road was completed by 1940 to Prescott. In 1954, a new route north to Flagstaff was established as SR 79. By 1961, the roadway from Phoenix to Flagstaff had been established, but not to Interstate standards. By 1971, I-17 had been completed from Phoenix northward to Camp Verde where a short stretch had not been completed to standards. The stretch from SR 279 north to SR 179 was also complete. The largest section yet to be completed was from SR 179 north to Flagstaff. This segment was still just a two-lane roadway, but it did have full traffic interchanges built at cross roads. The portion from I-40 south to the Flagstaff Municipal Airport had been completed by this time.

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