Infante (, ; f. infanta), also anglicised as Infant, is the title and rank given in the European kingdoms of Spain (including the predecessor kingdoms of Aragon, Castile, Navarre and León) and Portugal to the sons or daughters of the King who were not the heir to the throne. It is also used to denote a grandson or granddaughter in the male line of a reigning monarch. Female consorts of Princes of the blood, when married, automatically gained the title of nobility of Infanta. A male consort to a princess of the blood did not have an inherent right to the title, style and rank of Infante upon marriage.

The name derives from the same root as "infant" but this means simply "child" in Romance languages (cfr. French Enfants de France), and in this case indicates that the Infante or Infanta is the child of the monarch.

Like the Enfants de France, all Infantes in the different kingdoms were and are always Royal Princes or Princesses, in the general meaning of the word.

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