Imamura (今村, characters for "now" and "village") is a Japanese surname:

  • Akitsune Imamura (今村 明恒, Imamura Akitsune?, Kagoshima, 14 June, 1870 – 1 January, 1948) was a Japanese seismologist.
  • Fumio Imamura (born 1966), Japanese race walker
  • Imamura Gen’emon (今村源右衛門, Imamura Gen’emon?, Nagasaki, December 6, 1671 – September 22, 1736), notable interpreter for, among others, German botanist and physician in the employ of the Dutch East India Company Engelbert Kaempfer
  • Hitoshi Imamura, June 28, 1886 – October 4, 1968, was a general in the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II
  • Naoki Imamura is a Japanese voice actor
  • Shohei Imamura (今村 昌平, Imamura Shōhei?, Tokyo, 15 September 1926 – 30 May 2006) was a Japanese film director
  • Taihei Imamura was a Japanese film theorist
  • Takaya Imamura is a Japanese artwork designer for Nintendo
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