Ill (ill) may refer to:

  • Suffering from an illness
  • Ill (Austria), a river in western Austria
  • Ill (France), a river in north-eastern France
  • Illinois, often abbreviated Ill.
  • Kōji Nakamura, who records music under the name "iLL"

ILL may stand for:

  • Willmar Municipal Airport (former IATA airport identifier: ILL) in Willmar, Minnesota, United States
  • Illorsuit Heliport (non-IATA location identifier: ILL) in Illorsuit, Greenland
  • Institut Laue–Langevin, a scientific research facility in Grenoble, France
  • Interlibrary loan, a service offered by libraries for sharing books and other materials
  • Institute of Linguists (London)

Famous quotes containing the word ill:

    When A tells me that B has spoken ill of me, I think “that makes two of you.”
    Mason Cooley (b. 1927)

    There is not a more disgusting spectacle under the sun than our subserviency to British criticism. It is disgusting, first, because it is truckling, servile, pusillanimous—secondly, because of its gross irrationality. We know the British to bear us little but ill will—we know that, in no case do they utter unbiased opinions of American books ... we know all this, and yet, day after day, submit our necks to the degrading yoke of the crudest opinion that emanates from the fatherland.
    Edgar Allan Poe (1809–1845)

    The Indians invited us to lodge with them, but my companion inclined to go to the log camp on the carry. This camp was close and dirty, and had an ill smell, and I preferred to accept the Indians’ offer, if we did not make a camp for ourselves; for, though they were dirty, too, they were more in the open air, and were much more agreeable, and even refined company, than the lumberers.... So we went to the Indians’ camp or wigwam.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)