Houlihan may refer to:


  • Adam Houlihan (born 1978), former Australian rules footballer
  • Carolyn Houlihan (born 1957), American actress
  • Christopher Houlihan (born 1987), American concert organist
  • Con Houlihan (1925–2012), Irish sportswriter
  • Damian Houlihan (born 1975), former Australian rules footballer
  • Gerard Houlihan, Irish retired Gaelic footballer player
  • Jim Houlihan (1898–1967), Irish sportsperson
  • Joan Houlihan, American poet
  • John C. Houlihan (1910–1986), the 43rd mayor of Oakland, California
  • Mike Houlihan (born 1969), retired Irish sportsperson
  • Pat Houlihan (1929–2006), English snooker player
  • Patrick Houlihan (1889–1963), Irish politician
  • Ryan Houlihan (born 1982), Australian rules footballer
  • Tim Houlihan (born 1989), Australian rules footballer
  • Timmy Houlihan (born 1982), Irish sportsperson


  • Houlihan Lokey, independent, advisory-focused, global investment bank
  • Houlihan Stadium or Tampa Stadium, a sports venue in Tampa, Florida, USA
  • Houlihan Smith & Company, investment banking firm
  • Jim Houlihan Park at Jack Coffey Field, a baseball venue on the Rose Hill campus of Fordham University in Bronx, New York, USA
  • Cathleen ni Houlihan, one-act play written by Irish playwright William Butler Yeats
  • Kathleen Ni Houlihan, a mythical symbol and emblem of Irish nationalism found in literature and art