Rodríguez or Rodriguez is a Hispanic surname meaning "son of Rodrigo". It may refer to:

  • Rodríguez (surname), people with the surname Rodríguez
  • Rodrigues (surname), people with the surname Rodriguez
Place names
  • Rodrigues Island, a dependency of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean
  • Rodriguez, California, alternate name of Muroc, California, United States
  • Rodriguez, Rizal, municipality in the Philippines
  • Rodriguez (musician), real name Sixto Diaz Rodriguez, singer-songwriter who records and performs under the mononym Rodriguez
  • Rodriguez (band), San Luis Obispo based rock band active in the mid-late 1990s
  • Adrian Rodriguez, German trance producer and DJ

Famous quotes containing the word rodriguez:

    The genius of American culture and its integrity comes from fidelity to the light. Plain as day, we say. Happy as the day is long. Early to bed, early to rise. American virtues are daylight virtues: honesty, integrity, plain speech. We say yes when we mean yes and no when we mean no, and all else comes from the evil one. America presumes innocence and even the right to happiness.
    —Richard Rodriguez (b. 1944)

    As you see yourself, I once saw myself; as you see me now, you will be seen.
    —Mexican proverb quoted in “Night and Day,” Frontiers, Richard Rodriguez (1990)

    I write poetry in order to live more fully.
    —Judith Rodriguez (b. 1936)