A surname of medieval Welsh origin, Hathaway can refer to several people, places, or things:

People with the surname Hathaway:

  • Anne Hathaway (born 1982), American actress
  • Anne Hathaway (Shakespeare) (1556–1623), wife of William Shakespeare
  • Bradley Hathaway (born 1982), American poet and musician
  • Donny Hathaway (1945–1979), soul musician
  • Eulaulah Donyll Hathaway (born 1968), best known as Lalah Hathaway, R&B/jazz singer
  • George Luther Hathaway (1813–1872), Canadian politician
  • Henry Hathaway (1898–1985), American film director and producer
  • John Hathaway (born 1987), English mixed martial arts fighter
  • Katharine Butler Hathaway (1890-1942), American writer
  • Melissa Hathaway, potential nominee to head White House Office of Cybersecurity
  • Noah Hathaway (born 1971), American film actor
  • Ray Hathaway (born 1916), American baseball player
  • Sibyl Mary Hathaway (1884–1974), Dame of Sark
  • Stanley K. Hathaway (1924–2005), American politician
  • William Hathaway (born 1924), American politician from Maine

Characters in fiction:

  • James Hathaway, a Detective Sergeant and principal character in the British television series, Lewis
  • Jane Hathaway, recurring character in The Beverly Hillbillies
  • Hathaway Noa, a character from the Gundam franchise
  • Carol Hathaway, a character from ER (TV series)

In commerce and business:

  • Hathaway Manufacturing Company, a predecessor of Berkshire Hathaway, an investment vehicle
  • Berkshire Hathaway, a holding company
  • A brand of dress shirts, formerly made by the C. F. Hathaway Company in Waterville, Maine


  • Hathaway (Tannersville, New York), listed on the NRHP in Greene County, New York