Hank Henshaw - Powers and Abilities

Powers and Abilities

Following his exposure to cosmic radiation and subsequent "death", Henshaw's consciousness survives in an electronic state, making him virtually indestructible as he can transfer his electronic consciousness into any nearby machine (and even some that are light years away). Henshaw is able to possess any machine or technology and manipulate said devices as though they are living metal. He can animate machines, construct any technological device, and control any mechanical system. He was once able to control the entire Alpha Lantern corps (a group known for its willpower), and later controlled a billion robots at once, albeit at great mental strain. In addition, Henshaw's cyborg body possesses a various number of other mechanical sensors, and has the ability to interface with any machine. His technological components can transform into myriad weapons and tools; since his first appearance as the Cyborg Superman, Henshaw has consistently manifested his technical half in that manner.

Thanks to his interactions with Superman's birthing matrix, Henshaw possesses knowledge of both Superman's Kryptonian genetic code and Kryptonian technology. This information allows him to construct cyborg bodies with organic portions that are genetically identical to Superman and mechanical components built from Kryptonian (and later, Apokoliptian) alloys. Using Superman's genetic code gives the Cyborg access to all of Superman's powers, including Superman's vulnerability to kryptonite radiation which appeared to weaken both the organic and technological components of Henshaw's body while also preventing him from altering his body. However, even though his organic half might be mortally weakened by kryptonite, the mechanical components of his body will allow Henshaw to still function, albeit without any of his Kryptonian powers. He may be immune to Kryptonite radiation, as he seemed to suffer no ill effects when he fought a Kryptonite-poisoned Superman (who was also emitting the deadly radiation himself).

Henshaw's physical durability has, at different times, been greater than and lesser than Superman's. He was shown melting and burning up in Earth's sun during a battle with Superman Red, an exposure which Superman survived with no ill effects (although Superman's current fire-based state may have contributed to his endurance at the time). Darkseid's Omega Beams were unable to destroy him with an initial blast, although Darkseid later stated that he was not operating at his peak at that point, but did succeed in imprisoning him the second time, while Superman was hurt by the attack despite the fact he was not even the target and was only holding Henshaw in position.

In addition to the powers he has because of his Kryptonian-cyborg body, he also has been shown wielding ten Qwardian power rings and as such, has access to all the immense powers they bestow. Among these powers are energy and matter manipulation which allowed Henshaw to overcome Superman handily during the Sinestro Corps war.

Finally, Henshaw seems to be able to alter his natural energy attacks to affect specific foes. He has been able to defeat both Superman and Eradicator with a single blast on several occasions. Normally he uses a weapon crafted out of one of his arms but, when pressed, merely uses his eye-beams; either only his mechanical one, or both his Kryptonian eye and cybernetic one simultaneously.

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