Hacking may refer to:

  • Computer hacking, including the following types of activity:
    • Hacker (programmer subculture), activity within the computer programmer subculture
    • Hacker (computer security), to access computer networks, legally or otherwise
    • Computer crime
  • Illegal taxicab operation
  • Pleasure riding, horseback riding for purely recreational purposes
  • The act of stealing jokes
  • Hacking, an area within Hietzing, a municipal district of Vienna, Austria
  • Ian Hacking, Canadian philosopher of science

Famous quotes containing the word hacking:

    Experimental work provides the strongest evidence for scientific realism. This is not because we test hypotheses about entities. It is because entities that in principle cannot be ‘observed’ are manipulated to produce a new phenomena
    [sic] and to investigate other aspects of nature.
    —Ian Hacking (b. 1936)