Growler may refer to:

  • Growler (electrical device), for testing electric motors.
  • Growler (calypsonian), pseudonym of singer Errol Duke.
  • Growler (vehicle), an internally transportable vehicle, or a horse-drawn carriage known as a Clarence (carriage).
  • EA-18 Growler, a jet fighter.
  • USS Growler, one of four ships.
  • Officer Growler, a character from The Getalong Gang animated TV series.
  • Nickname for the Avro Shackleton aircraft.

Growler may also be:

  • A sound-powered telephone used on U.S. Navy ships.
  • A house robot in Robot Wars.
  • A character type in David Weber's Honorverse.
  • A size of iceberg.
  • A type of horse-drawn cab.
  • A type of beer bottle.
  • A unit type in the game VOR: The Maelstrom.
  • A Yorkshire artisan pork pie.
  • Slang for a hot dog.
  • Slang for the act of defecating (as made popular by the TV show MXC).
  • Slang for a vagina.