Red Card

Red card may refer to:

  • A penalty card that is shown in many sports after a rules infraction
  • A suit (cards) of hearts or diamonds
  • Red Card (album), 1976 release by Streetwalkers
  • RedCard 20-03, 2002 extreme football video game
  • Operation Red Card, 2006 Motion Picture Association anti-piracy drive in Asia
  • American Express Red, credit card
  • Target REDcard, a credit card issued by Target Corporation
  • In capital punishment in Iraq, a legal notice that execution is imminent
  • Industrial Workers of the World membership card
  • For wildland fire suppression, a U.S. professional certification
  • A drinking game

Famous quotes containing the words red and/or card:

    With the old kindness, the old distinguished grace,
    She lies, her lovely piteous head amid dull red hair
    Propped upon pillows, rouge on the pallor of her face.
    She would not have us sad because she is lying there,
    And when she meets our gaze her eyes are laughter-lit,
    Her speech a wicked tale that we may vie with her....
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)

    There is undoubtedly something religious about it: everyone believes that they are special, that they are chosen, that they have a special relation with fate. Here is the test: you turn over card after card to see in which way that is true. If you can defy the odds, you may be saved. And when you are cleaned out, the last penny gone, you are enlightened at last, free perhaps, exhilarated like an ascetic by the falling away of the material world.
    Andrei Codrescu (b. 1947)