There have been several notable individuals with the surname Golding, including:

  • Arthur Golding, English translator
  • Bruce Golding, Jamaican politician
  • John Golding (British politician) (1931-99), British politician and trade union leader
  • Jon Golding, English rugby union player
  • Julia Golding, British novelist
  • Julian Golding, English sprinter
  • Leroy Golding, British actor
  • Llin Golding, Baroness Golding, British politician, widow of John Golding
  • Louis Golding, British writer
  • Matthew Golding, Australian rules footballer
  • Mike Golding, British yachtsman
  • Peaches Golding, High Sheriff of Bristol
  • Philip Golding, English golfer
  • William Golding, English novelist and poet
  • William Hughson Golding (1845-1916), founder of Golding & Company

Famous quotes containing the word golding:

    The writer probably knows what he meant when he wrote a book, but he should immediately forget what he meant when he’s written it.
    —William Golding (b. 1911)

    It was at a particular moment in the history of my own rages that I saw the Western world conditioned by the images of Marx, Darwin and Freud; and Marx, Darwin and Freud are the three most crashing bores of the Western world. The simplistic popularization of their ideas has thrust our world into a mental straitjacket from which we can only escape by the most anarchic violence.
    —William Golding (b. 1911)

    Novelists do not write as birds sing, by the push of nature. It is part of the job that there should be much routine and some daily stuff on the level of carpentry.
    —William Golding (b. 1911)